The Building and Construction Authority of Singapore plans to roll out the Green Buildings Innovation Cluster - National Building Energy Efficiency Repository (GBIC–Repository) to empower Singapore built environment practitioners (e.g. building owners and developers, consultants and contractors, policy makers, service and technology providers, research institutions, etc.) to gain adequate insights to support decision marking.

As an important part of GBIC, SLEB Hub (Super Low Energy Building) have it soft launch at the opening of the Singapore Green Building Week 2018 in Sep. This hub is a one-step integrated Research, Development and Demonstration hub to experiment, exhibit and exchange knowledge of promising building energy-efficient solution with industry stakeholders. It aims to encourage and accelerate the adoption of promising building energy-efficient technologies and solution, bringing them closer to market.

This SLEB Smart Hub goes beyond the sharing of ideas and data to foster closer collaboration among and within the industry and the research community. It contains technology directory and project directory. It has a central national database of building energy efficiency technologies with powerful smart data tools enabling professionals to shar experiences, learn well to adopt innovative technologies. And using the AI technology, this hub is also a smart advisor for building owner & developers, consultants& contractors to achieve the goal of ‘ Positive Energy Low-Rise, Zero Energy Medium-Rise, Super Low Energy High-Rise Building for the Tropics’.

As a technology provider and industry cooperator, Pinerge are embarking to set up this SLEB Hub together with BCA to provide technology information, illustrate buildings’ energy performance data, share best practices, show project information and disclose real-time building and technology performance. Pinerge is always working towards the common goal to shape a greener built environment that benefits Singaporeans.


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